BaZing is a targeted network of businesses (like yours) that provides deals to a select group of loyal checking account customers at community financial institutions. Typically, these customers pay a monthly fee for access to the BaZing Network, so they are already invested and loyal participants.

Here’s how it works for your business:

There is NO CHARGE to participate. The discounted value of your offer is your only cost.

There is NO REVENUE-SHARING of your sales like “deep discount” or “daily deal” companies.

Your discounted offer is made available online at and on the BaZing mobile app to a participating financial institution’s select checking account customers. They simply print the online coupon associated with your offer and redeem it at the point of sale. For mobile they simply show your electronic coupon on their smart phone at the point of sale. There is NO HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE REQUIRED by your business to participate.

That's all there is to it!

BaZing is owned by the nation’s leading provider of consumer checking solutions to financial institutions. Our Network is a primary success factor in our top performing solutions because it allows local businesses to advertise for free and encourages loyal consumers to shop locally!

We hope you will decide to participate in the BaZing Merchant Network. To do so (or if you have questions), please complete the Merchant Request Form (hotlink to the same form under the “Learn More” link) or contact one of our team members directly at 855-UBAZING (822-9464). We look forward to working with you soon!